The images below are courtesy of SGT James Dunlap, SP5 Bobby Jack Gouge and SP4 Ron Hill, HHC-199th Infantry Brigade, 1967 - 1970.

HHC-199th, 1967.  Photo courtesy of SGT James Dunlap

SP5 Bobby Jack Gouge, HHC-199th

Nelson, Gouge, and Welles at BMB, July 1969.

BMB, July 1969

Gouge getting ready to go out to firebase near Cambodian border, July 1969.

Gouge, Ray Moffitt, and Vernon Bennett, BMB.

High-school buddies Ray Moffitt and Jack Gouge.

SP4 Ron Hill, HHC Military Police Detachment, 1969 - 1970.

The assigned MP duties included convoys, gates and perimeter, PW compound, and before i arrived there had been a CRIP unit of MP's that i was told had been employed as small unit infantry.

Riley at PW Compound.

Davis on convoy duty.

Crowson and Rucker.