FTA - Fun, Travel, and Adventure.  There is another meaning for FTA as well.

Who?  The name may be Robert Elliot, but I remember the face and not the correct name.  He had just received his Purple Heart in late '69 or early '70.

HHC-199th commo shack antennas.

199th LIB Headquarters, Camp Frenzell-Jones, BMB

BMB Chapel, Camp Frenzell-Jones

SP4 Bruce Witte, Company Clerk for A/5-12, loved by all.

SP4 James Bennett, Marietta, Ohio

SP4 Harry Gasse, HHC-199th

Stell and Bennett

Khalifah, Stell, and Bennett

SP4 Gary Stell

McDowell, Gasse, Stell, and Khalifah

1LT Murphy Archibald, 199th LIB Signal Corps Section

Khalifah, SGT Weitzel, and ?? Unknown, above and below.

SGT Dave Weitzel and ??

In late November or early December, 1969, while still in the jungle, a fly-by dropped mail.  It was a Christmas tree from my (future) wife.  I later assembled at while on standdown at BMB.  We still assemble that tree every Christmas...