The images below are courtesy of Tom Hain, Echo Company, 4-12th Infantry, 199th LIB

May 1968 - May 1969


Tom Hain, E/4-12, 68 - 69


John and Tom Hain, Long Binh, RVN

                                          Larry Mannon (E/4-12) and Mike Deleon (HHC 4-12)


                                        Unknown, Liski (HHC 4-12), Ramariz (HHC 4-12)

                                                                Unknown from HHC 4-12


                            New Redcatchers at the Redcatcher Training Center, May 1968


                                                        Unknown, Chuck Easter, Hank Snow


                                                    Lisk, Unknown, Unknown, HHC 4-12

                                                Echo Company Christmas Supper, 1968


                                                                "Ruthie" drinking a root-beer

                            LCM ferrying portions of Echo Company upriver near Binh Chanh.

Airboats, most likely from the 9th Infantry Division's "Mobile Riverine Force"

Crossing the Saigon River from BMB.