Only recently have the incredible and complex roles of the "Dogman," or Scout Dog Handler, along with his faithful "Wardog," become widely known, studied, and respected to those outside of military service. 

Because of these highly-talented and trained men and the razor-sharp senses of their German Shepherd companions (K-9's), countless American GI's are alive and well today rather than having been killed or wounded in action alongside a rice paddy or forgotten jungle trail because the courageous men from the 49th Infantry Platoon Scout Dog (IPSD) were on point, giving an early warning signal that gave young American men an edge to survive in battle.

As with the many other pages on the BMB website, it was a true labor of love to compile the images that are displayed below and on the following two pages.  Special thanks to Jim Roy, John Ferguson, Bill Berg, Bill Harding, and Dick Freeman (49th IPSD, 1966 - 1967) for taking the time and effort to put this project together for not only this website, but for the men of the 49th IPSD as a whole. 

Contact information for the 49th IPSD:  Jim Roy  

                                    Killed in Action - 49th Infantry Platoon Scout Dog, 1966 - 1970

                                                                William L. Campbell 3-3-67
                                                                    Alan M. Sturdy 6-2-67
                                                                   Kenneth J. Dell 11-5-68
                                                               Clarence Creaghead 5-22-69                      

The 49th Infantry Platoon Scout Dog joined the 199th Infantry Brigade in March of 1967 with 36 dogs and men.  It stayed with the Brigade and served gallantly until redeployment in October of 1970.

                                        Camp Frenzell-Jones, 49th IPSD detachment area.

                                                                SGT Jim Roy and Toby.

                                                    Scout Dog Boo-Boo at BMB, 1967

Dog Roster, 49th IPSD, 1967

                                                Bill Harding and Wolf at Ft. Benning, 1966.


Jim Roy at Ft. Benning, 1966.


Ft. Benning, 1966.  Handler Jim Roby and scout dog Toby.



  Ft. Benning, 1966.  Jim Roy and Toby.

Jim Roy and Toby.

49th IPSD kennels at Camp Frenzell-Jones, 1967.

49th IPSD kennels at Thu Duc.  Kolaba, Dennis Frazier, and Bran.

Thu Duc, 1967.

49th IPSD members, Dennis Frazier, Bill Harding, Kolaba, and Sam Warner.

Scout dog Ben and handler Branson.

SGT Bill Harding receiving the Army Commendation Medal for Valor.

SP4's (later SGT's) Dennis Frazier and Bill Harding with scout dogs Lady and Wolf south of Saigon, 1967.  Scout Dog Lady would later be Killed in Action.

Scout dog handlers Kip Livinston and Albert Oxiadine.

Scout dog Sam at Thu Duc, 1967.

Scout Dog Sam, Thu Duc.

On patrol at the Rubber Plantation, 1967.

49th IPSD personnel training at Camp Frenzell-Jones, 1967.

SGT Bill Berg and scout dog Sam on duty for the 4-12th Infantry, 1967.

Kennels at Thu Duc.  Note the incoming in the background, 1967.

SGT Bill Berg and Sam at BMB, 1967.

SGT Kip Livinston at BMB.

Scout dog handlers Bill Berg, Bill Harding, and Dennis Frazier.

Handlers Dennis Frazier, Dick Freeman, and Branson.

Scout Dog Missy at Thu Duc, 1967.

Scout Dog Toby recovering after he and Jim Roy were wounded in action, 1967.

49th IPSD training at BMB.

Scout dog handler John Ferguson, 2-3rd Infantry.

Handler Bill Larkin and scout dog Rommel, 1967.

4-12th Infantry handlers Bill Harding and Bill Berg.

BMB kennels, Fleabait and Charlie.

Unknown 49th IPSD handler.

Kennels at Camp Frenzell-Jones, 1967.

2-3rd Infantry handlers, 1967.

Dennis Frazier and scout dog Sam while with the 4-12th Infantry, 1967.

Scout dog Sam.