Operations of the 64th Fighter Wing in the ETO from 1942-1945.

Point at which the 439th crossed into Germany with elements of 142nd RCT, 36th Infantry Division.

Amphibious DUKW vehicles coming into Anzio, January 22nd, 1944.

Company B positions in the Padiglione Woods, Anzio, February, 1944.

The infamous "Anzio Annie" railway gun after its capture on the drive to Rome.

Roger Beach at St. Tropez, Southern France, August 1944.  This was the beachhead hit by the 36th and 45th Infantry Divisions during Operation Dragoon.

Other members of the 64th Fighter Wing unloading at St. Tropez during the Southern France landings.

                                    Destroyed German Panzer on the road to Rome, May 1944.

                    German 88mm gun destroyed by 64th FW aircraft on road to Rome, May 1944.

                            Port at Oran, Algeria shorly after Operation Torch landings, 1942.

                                Incoming Germany artillery at Anzio Beachhead, January 1944.

                                            Ruins of the town of Monte Cassino, Italy 1944.

                                    Sherman tank destroyed by German aircraft at Anzio.

                            Company B's trucks and baggage en-route to Anzio, January 1944.

                                Amazing view of Mt. Vesuvius erupting near Naples, Italy, 1943.

                                    German "Afrika Corps" graveyard, Tunis, Tunisia, 1943.

Captured German "Afrika Corps" members in Tunisia, 1943.