Several weeks ago, I received an unexpected email from a very kind and knowledgeable individual in reference to the images of the German tank and plane that were taken by members of Company B in 1945. (See webpage links).

This individual had seen other images of these same machines and shared them with me. I was completely surprised and pleasantly stunned that other images existed and am excited to post them on the website for others to see for educational purposes.

The German tank below is known as a Panzerjager Tiger Ausf. B Jagdtiger. This armored beast was a tank destroyer with a self-propelled 128mm anti-tank main gun. The Jadgtiger was the largest and heaviest armored vehicle to see combat in World War II.

The Jagdtiger pictured below is believed to be the same one in the following images immediately after being knocked out of service.  This particular Jagdtiger is #323 and was captured near Neustadt, Germany, in March of 1945. Since the 439th passed through Neustadt and the surrounding area, this is most likely the same machine.

These men from SSGT Honeycutt's crew are inspecting a Messerschmitt Me 262, the first jet-engine fighter ever produced.  The Me 262 is considered to be one of Nazi Germany's most advanced products and when properly flown, proved to be virtually unstoppable in aerial combat.  Had this aircraft entered the war before the end of World War II in Europe, it could have had a considerable impact on the Allied air campaign over Germany and Western Europe.  This particular Me262 is thought to be Wk-Nr. 111074, which was found damaged in the Hofoldinger Forest of Germany.